Powerful software, simple interface.

All your affiliate transactions in one interface. Put our snippet in the header and supercharge your links to see your transactions as ecommerce transactions in Google Analytics and Bing ads.

Ivanhoe features.

Supercharge your transactions.
Need to know more about your visitors? Connect Ivanhoe with your networks, Google Analytics and Bing ads to see how your audience came in. Turn off non- converting keywords and outbid your competition on the right words.
Powerful software.
Tired of spreadsheets and manual labor? Use our fantastic software to get track of your sales. Our dashboard makes it really easy to get track of your progress. Tried and tested with many affiliate networks..
All your data is safe.
We fully understand that you want a safe environment for your data. Data you provide us is stored in a secure third-party database provided by Digital Ocean. in encrypted format and sent and received over a secure SSL connection