Own An affiliate Website? Earn More, Waste Less!

We can tell you exactly what traffic is performing!

Match affiliate commissions to visitors from Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or any other traffic source.

Just connect your ad platforms and we will match and push your affiliate commissions to the actual campaigns you are running. This will reveal exactly how much money you will earn on each campaign, ad, keyword or any other traffic source variable. We can even match and push affiliate commissions to your Google Analytics account!

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Increase your ROAS big time!

With our software your are able to optimize every element of your campaigns to lower your ad spendings and higher ad revenue. We can do this by showing you your most profitable campaigns, keywords, sources, devices from ANY traffic source.

All-in-one Affiliate dashboard

Ivanhoe.io will import all your affiliate commissions and sales in one single dashboard! Don't waste time logging in to all your affiliate network accounts one by one. Just login to Ivanhoe.io and you will have all the reports you need on your own affiliate commission data!


Your data is safe! 100% SSL encrypted

We use the same security measurements (encryption, hashing and security protocols) as international banks to ensure that your data is safe and will always be yours.

Protect your Ads, sources and keywords from theft

Sub-id's are visible to Affiliate managers and your competitors! With Ivanhoe.io you don't have to put your keywords, ads data or source information to your sub-id's anymore. We anonymize every visitor by encrypted strings containing not-traceable characters and numbers. We will not save any personal visitor data. This way referrers and sub-id's from your affiliate website will never reveal your ads, traffic sources or keywords to any other party.

Essential info on your affiliate commissions

We create anonymized profiles of ALL your visitors. This way we can match your visitors to your affiliate commissions so you get to know the exact source (campaign, keyword, device, traffic source etc.) of each affiliate commission you generated with your affiliate website.


Connect with all your favourite affiliate networks

We can connect to any affiliate network or affiliate program that supports transaction reporting api's and sub-id parameters. 98% of all affiliate networks is working this way!

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What other people think of Ivanhoe.io

A lot of people in the world of affiliate marketing are talking about our software! We like to listen! Please feel free to share your thoughts about our software. If you have any questions, suggestions or improvements to discuss. Just leave us your message by e-mail, chat or phone!


We're working on implementing as many integrations as we can.
Google analytics and Microsoft Ads are already integrated.

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Powerful software, easy to implement!

You can import all your affiliate conversions from your favourite affiliate networks into your Ivanhoe.io account. We can enrich your affiliate conversions with the right data by matching them to your website visitor profiles in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads! By doing this you are able to spend your marketing budget more efficient and increase your ROAS on ANY traffic source you use.


Supercharge your transactions

Need to know more about your visitors? Connect Ivanhoe with your networks, Google Analytics and Microsoft Ads to see how your audience came in. Turn off non- converting keywords and outbid your competition on the right words.

Powerful software

Tired of spreadsheets and manual labor? Use our fantastic software to get track of your sales. Our dashboard makes it really easy to get track of your progress. Tried and tested with many affiliate networks.

All your data is safe.

We fully understand that you want a safe environment for your data. Data you provide us is stored in a secure third-party database provided by Digital Ocean. in encrypted format and sent and received over a secure SSL connection

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Check all features

Flexible pricing, performance based.

All plans are fully charged with all the options you need. The plans are performance based, just like your business.


Up to 2.5K monthly commission

1 Integration (Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, Facebook)

1 Domain

5 Networks

€ 1,- Per month

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Up to 10K monthly commission

1 Integration (Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, Facebook)

9 Domains

19 Networks

€ 35,- Per month

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Up to 30K monthly commission

2 Integrations (Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, Facebook)

9 Domains

19 Networks

€ 75,- Per month

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Up to 100k monthly commission

3 Integrations (Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, Facebook)

99 Domains

99 Networks

€ 129,- Per month

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More than 100K monthly commission?
Go for Enterprise and request a quote!

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Start to outsmart your competitors today!

Empower your affiliate website by signing up and try us 14 days for free. Connect your affiliate networks, add our tracking tag, enhance your affiliate links and integrate with your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads account! We will not charge anything during your trial period!