Ivanhoe.io pushed more than 1000 affiliate commissions to Google Analytics!

May 30, 2016 | Bart Houtman
The first 1000 affiliate commissions are pushed to Google Analytics by using the Ivanhoe.io affiliate software. This is helping affiliates to improve their marketing campaigns instantly. With Ivanhoe.io you can push your affiliate commissions to your Google Analytics account, realtime!

How does it work?
Ivanhoe.io tags every clickout on your affiliate website wit a unique subid. Every affiliate transaction containing a unique subid provided by Ivanhoe.io will be shot automatically to Google Analytics, matching the exact Google Analytics profile. This enables acces to a ton of information about the origin, site usage and behaviour of the visitor who generated the transacion. 

How to improve campaigns?
By using the Ivanhoe.io together with the Google Analytics integration (default Ivanhoe.io option) you can see realtime which traffic source is bringing the most valuable traffic to your affiliate website, even though the actual sale is made on the website of the advertiser! You can easily buy more quality traffic and stop buying traffic that is not converting. This way you can keep optimizing everyday by monitoring and adjusting your expenses and revenues from your affiliate website.

Want to give Ivanhoe.io a try?
You can now use Ivanhoe.io totally free without any restriction of functions. Do you want to get started? Just create an account asap or contact us at www.ivanhoe.io