IVANHOE.io - First stable BETA version live!

September 09, 2015 | Bart Houtman

Ivanhoe is the new kid on the block connecting affiliate networks and Google Analytics for publishers. We worked very hard to get the first stable version 100% working. The Ivanhoe software is now available for a limited group of users. In this BETA plan users can test our innovative software without any restrictions. Stop wasting money on non-profitable sources

Ivanhoe.io is pushing all your affiliate earnings into your Google Analytics account! You can see exactly what source, campaign and/or keywords are generating your profit and (even more important) what sources, campaigns and keywords are wasting your advertising budget! Ofcourse Ivanhoe.io is pushing your commissions realtime, so you are able to react very fast and beat your competitors who are not working with Ivanhoe.io. Manage your affiliate links in one place

In Ivanhoe.io you can manage all your affiliate links. Just upload them and Ivanhoe.io will use it to match visitors with transactions in your Google Analytics. You will have all your affiliate links from all your affiliate networks in just one overview! No difficult installations.

Just add the Ivanhoe.io code below your Google Analytics code, upload your links and put your Commission tracking link in your favourite affiliate networks. All respected affiliate networks are working with so called subid’s and a callback URL that is loaded everytime a new commission is generated. Just upload your affiliate links into Ivanhoe.io, place the Ivanhoe.io code on your website an put your Commission tracking link into your favourite affiliate networks to start using Ivanhoe.io!

Do you want to beat your competitors? Signup now for our free BETA (limited to 100 users) > http://ivanhoe.io

Interested in how Ivanhoe.io works? Please feel free to contact us at hello@ivanhoe.io!