IVANHOE.io integrated Zanox API

November 05, 2015 | Bart Houtman
Start shooting your Zanox affiliate commissions to your Google Analytics and know exactly what source, keyword or campaign was responsable for it! Ivanhoe.io just finished the integration of the Zanox API.

How do you connect your Zanox account to Ivanhoe.io?

Just login to your account and click: My account > Networks. Click the connect button on the right side of the Zanox logo and enter your Zanox credentials. You can find your Zanox API credentials in your Zanox affiliate account.
Once you have connected your Zanox affiliate account, you can start using Zanox links with subid's! Do you want to know how to use Zanox subid's (ZPAR) you can read the following manual!

Want help?

Be sure to enable E-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account and feel free to ask for support. We are here to help you!