Daisycon API connected to Ivanhoe.io

October 16, 2015 | Bart Houtman
As we decided to replace the commission tracking links (CTL) with API connections it's never been so easy to push your affiliate transactions to your Google Analytics. Daisycon is the first affiliate network which is connected to Ivanhoe.io through API. Once you have connected your Daisycon account to Ivanhoe.io your affiliate transactions will be pushed to your Google Analytics realtime*.

How to connect your Daisycon affiliate account

Login to your Ivanhoe.io dashboard, click on Settings > Networks and connect your Daisycon account by entering your details. If you have entered your details correctly, you'll get a message that you've succesfully connected the Daisycon API to your Ivanhoe.io account.

Do you need help?

Feel free to contact us at any time! We are here to help you get started.
* Transactions are pushed to your Google Analytics realtime but they may appear later in your reports. This is caused by a delay in Google Analytics API.