Affiliate network API's will connect to

October 09, 2015 | Bart Houtman
As you might know we are looking for improvements everyday and found a way to get a more stable and secure way to connect Affiliate networks to We will replace the CTL (Commission Tracking Link) with API connections as soon as possible, starting with the Daisycon API next week.
Within a few days you'll have to remove the CTL from Daisycon and connect the API of Daisycon to! Eventually we'll remove CTL support in total.
This is all you have to do to start using, if a network API is active:
1. Place the Ivanhoe trackingcode on your website
2. Use $IVANHOE$ as a sub ID
3. Connect the Daisycon API to Ivanhoe
We will integrate all major networks ASAP, one by one! Ofcourse we'll update you each time a network API is added.
If you have not managed to configure Ivanhoe with API, we can always help you out! Feel free to contact us!